About Liz Tredennick

Liz takes pride in taking the complex topic of Medicare & making it simple.

Liz Tredennick

Liz Tredennick

Liz’s goal is to help make Medicare simple for beneficiaries to understand, so they can make the most of their Medicare coverage. She has spoken to hundreds of community organizations and worked with thousands of people over the past nine years. She helps lead people to the solution that is best for their situation.

Liz says that the answer to every Medicare question, and pretty much every question that can be asked about life, is “it depends.” The best coverage or solution for one person is very likely different from the best for another. The answers are as individual as the people that bring them.  Liz points out the benefits of each Medicare choice so that each person can determine the best course for their future. She works with individuals and couples but notes that “there is no ‘we’ in Medicare.  What works best for one person may very well be different from what is best for the spouse.

Liz Tredennick has been providing Medicare education and individual counseling since 2005. She was director of the Colorado SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) with the Colorado Division of Insurance and then a SHIP counselor with Centura Health’s Medicare counseling program.  SHIP is a grant-funded program from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and there is a SHIP in each state to provide local counseling and assistance to Medicare beneficiaries.

She works to increase her Medicare knowledge daily through investigation, researching, reading, participating in training seminars and discussing difficult cases with other Medicare professionals. Medicare is a complex subject and it’s impossible to know everything. But if she doesn’t know the answer, she will know where to find it!

We just left our employee coverage and needed to get Medicare Part B and understand the options for additional coverage. Liz helped us understand how to resolve a coverage issue with getting our Part B started through Social Security and then discussed the pros and cons of Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans. After working with her we decided upon a Medicare Advantage plan so we could keep our doctor, who was in the network.
– JD and PD, Westminster